How to open Whatsapp account? 12 steps

How to open whatsapp in 12 simple steps?

  1. Open the WhatsApp app from your cell phone’s app selections.
  2. Press the green App icon in the white button. It is important to note that you must set up WhatsApp prior to sending a message.
  3. Tap OK to enable WhatsApp to review the phone numbers of your contacts.
  4. On the bottom of the screen, press Agree and Continue.
  5. Enter your cell phone number in the middle of the page within the text window.
  6. Press Done at the top of the screen in the right corner. You will then be prompted by WhatsApp that it is texting you a message for you to see a verification code number. If you are using Android, click Next found at the bottom of the window.
  7. Press the green button with the small speech bubble.
  8. Bring up the WhatsApp’s message. It will state your verification number and provide a destination URL.
  9. Type the verification code into the appropriate window and you will be directed to the account information section.
  10. Type in your name and upload a recent photo of you. You don’t have to upload a picture, but it could assist in distinguishing your contacts from those of another. If you’ve already installed WhatsApp, tap the appropriate button to recover your chat history. It is also possible to use a Facebook photo with your name.
  11. Tap the Next button to move on. It is now possible to send and receive messages with WhatsApp.

Managing chatting

  1. Press the Chats button. On iPhone, it is at the bottom of the window. On Android, it is at the top of the window. This will open the Chat function enabling you to send and receive messages.
  2. Press the New Message icon found at the top in the right corner of the screen. If you’re using an iPhone, the icon looks like a pad and pencil. You can then tap New  Whatsapp Group to change or enter contact information for group messaging. Simply type in the recipient’s contact number to see which friends have installed WhatsApp. You will only see a list of your contacts that are able to use WhatsApp.
  3. Enter your message in the Text window at the end of the contact or group chatting page.
  4. Once you’ve completed entering your message, press the Send button. The app icon looks like a paper plane on the right side of the texting window. Your message is then considered sent. Your message history can then be found in the Chats window. If you want to participate in messaging a different user or group, you can go back to the original chat by entering the name of the group or individual found in the Chats window.
  5. Press the Attachments button. This is a plus sign to the left of the texting window if you are using Android. You can use any of the following attachments:
    1. Photos. Simply use the camera function to send a picture. You may be prompted to enable WhatsApp access to your photo library. Simply do so if you’re asked to.
    2. Library of photos and/or videos. Once you open your Picture app, you can highlight the item you want to include in your messaging.
    3. Document. You will be prompted to select a Cloud name so your message can be attached and saved.
    4. Location. You can send a message including a map of where you are. You may be prompted to enable WhatsApp access to your GPS options.
    5. Contacts. You can then select a particular contact’s name to send them a message.