What is Whatsapp Plus?

The Android version of WhatsApp was created by a Spanish developer named Rafalete in 2012. While there is no charge to use the app itself is under the same license as WhatsApp. The actual legality of WhatsApp Plus is questionable, but is reported to work well once the initial Android version is removed.


WhatsApp Plus is able to completely change its appearance when compared to the Android version. The user simply has to choose to change to newer styles and themes. Themes are installed in the factory and there is no charge to use them. However, there are more than 700 themes sorted by date, download, version, and name. The Android version of WhatsApp doesn’t have any of these capabilities. WhatsApp Plus allows the user to change the background of a particular chat and also change the appearance of contact lists and bar and text colors.



If a user thinks that all desired emoticons are included in the Android version of WhatsApp, the Plus version far outdistances the Android version and has a dizzying amount of emoticons to choose from. The only downside to this is that the recipient of a particular chat has to install WhatsApp Plus on their device. If a user tries to include a new emoticon in a document sent to another user without installing WhatsApp Plus, they will see a question mark instead of the old emoticon.


One of the most popular features of WhatsApp Plus is its ability to hide the last time a user accessed the software which can betray a particular chat meant to be hidden. This “hiding” function is fee based and cannot be used without paying the fee. The Android version of WhatsApp also has the same capability which flies in the face of the Plus version of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Plus has an option to change the size of the files you send to others in the session from 2MB to 50MB. You can also choose the quality and size of a variety of videos and other images.


One of the more complex attributes of WhatsApp Plus is its ability to access at least six different תפריטs for setting and appearance changes. This option can be used on one file, all files, or particular files of interest.


It is expected that Facebook will soon complete its acquisition of WhatsApp. This will most probably involve major changes to the capabilities of the Android and Plus versions of WhatsApp. The Android version of WhatsApp could have new intricate security settings not found on the Plus version.


One of WhatsApp’s free services is the ability to communicate with friends, family, and even groups of people. You can use WhatsApp with your current connection to the Internet on your telephone thus avoiding SMS charges. With whatsapp plus you can send a message to multiple whatsapp groups at the same time.


You can communicate with a particular group of people (i.e. family and friends) or any individual. It is possible to communicate with any recipient or groups of more than 260. You can provide the group with a name, mute the audio, and customize particular notifications.


You can use WhatsApp on your desktop and on the web. You can easily use your computer to manage your chats groups juin links or use any other compatible device.


With WhatsApp, you can call people in the United States and other countries without paying a fee. With its video conferencing feature, you can use WhatsApp to hold simultaneous video and audio conversations face to face if a text simply isn’t effective enough to suit your needs. The video and voice functions use the Internet connection already on your device and there is no charge-per-minute expense required with most software available, thus eliminating unnecessary cost.


WhatsApp is the perfect setting to hold personal and confidential conversations. It is for this reason that WhatsApp uses front-to-back encryption with its WhatsApp Plus version. With encryption of your use, messages, and phone and video calls remain private and confidential so just the recipient and you know the contents of the communication. WhatsApp does not oversee any of your communication.


With WhatsApp, it is simple to send videos and photographs immediately. You can share the times in life that are personal and important to you with the WhatsApp built-in camera. The speed at which you can communicate with WhatsApp is very fast even with slow connections.


There are times when a simple phone call is all you need. You can also record a message and send it to as many people or groups as you want. You can be sure where you stand on a variety of topics is communicated quickly and effectively.


With WhatsApp , you can send an unlimited array of spreadsheets, slideshows, PDFs, and documents. These features allow you to send information as fast as 100MB making it easy for your material to reach the recipient in a timely fashion.


WhatsApp Plus can be viewed as just another messaging site. The Plus version is based on the Android version of WhatsApp. Both WhatsApp Plus and Gb WhatsApp have been changed using Stylesheet applications. In the Android version of WhatsApp, Stylesheet material is not encrypted, but the codes used to develop the system are. While WhatsApp Plus is a customized version of the Android WhatsApp, the Plus version uses the Android WhatsApp server.


While there are some differences between the Android version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, the changes are minor and increase functionality only for the frequent and more experienced user. If you use WhatsApp for simple phone calls and texts to family and friends, the Android version is probably all you need. However, if your specifications require more advanced features, upgrading to WhatsApp Plus should meet your needs just fine.