What is the difference between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Pluse?

What is Whatsapp plus? How to download and use Whatsapp plus? What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus?

Whatsapp, is one of the most popular ways of communicating and keeping in touch with others. In this social-online world, people have become more and more attached to the features and benefits provided by all the networks, apps and online programs.

WhatsApp chatting, whatsappluse
WhatsApp chatting, pluse

Even though Whatsapp is not new or recent, and although it has been used by most people around the world, the new features and possibilities that Whatsapp plus has provided their users with, are futuristic and developed in order to bring them the latest and smartest way of communication.

Whatsapp plus is not an update from Whatsapp itself, but a development using reverse engineering and additional features to create a better and improved experience for their users. Nevertheless, there is known to be an official ban on it, placed by the official Whatsapp Company in order to avoid the use of it and to prevent the relationship between one another.  

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Well, the difference is not obvious and concrete, but for example, the main icon has a blue color, while the official Whatsapp icon is green. Another important fact is that the two software cannot coexist, so, if you have already Whatsapp installed on your device, you can’t download Whatsapp plus.

Another important difference is the possibility of modifying your chat appearance by changing color and, applying a theme or modifying the fonts. What Whatsapp plus provide their users with more than two thousand themes available to download in order to personalize their look. The media sharing is also available to modify or personalize, by the settings of this software and it is proved to be a good tool when sharing large-sized documents or heavy images; this feature is especially helpful when it comes to important documents that need to be shared among study groups or work-related topics.

Even though this appears to be more helpful and developed, the lack of privacy guarantees makes it an unsafe app, which could cause side effects on your use. It is not known to be evidence of that, but the trust matters are important when sharing personal information through an interface.

Whatsapp plus was available only for Android, but now people can access it from iPhone as well, and as we mentioned before, it is only available to download when Whatsapp is uninstalled. Many users change to Whatsapp plus in order to have access to more features and updates regarding the appearance and privacy settings, for example, the online mode tools and color changing displays.

But, what is Whatsapp plus? And, what makes it wanted and popular?

This is known to be a free app, developed by Rafalete in the year 2012, as a modified version of Whatsapp for Android. The coding inside Whatsapp plus is said to be unsafe, and not guaranteed by the backup of Whatsapp Company. As the main Whatsapp Company has revealed in the past, they do not have any relation to this development and the use of the program or app is not legal. Another consequence of using this app is that the user could be banned from the official Whatsapp forever.

With that being said, it is up to users whether to choose to download it or not, at their own risk and taking the chances of allowing access to an alien company to their private information. Even though this information is public and popular, people are still downloading and using it disregarding the high risk this action may imply.

Whatsapp pluse groups

The download of this app is completely free, but if the user wants to eliminate the advertising that comes with it, they must pay a fee for it. This app is also compatible with IOS7 and IOS8 as well as Android devices. It is not necessary to configure this app by entering but there will appear an option to personalize the app and settings from your main settings תפריט once you open the app for the first time.

With the many extra functions and the new tools, Whatsapp plus groups name shows different new resources for the users such as: sharing music to your contacts through your chat with no problem whatsoever; this works by an option called “share music” that states on the plus sign on the right of your chat keyboard. When you choose that option, WhatsApp plus will access your music library and show you the content you have available for sharing in an alphabetic order. After selecting the song desired to send you to choose the contact whom you want to send it to, and then the app allows the song to be sent as fast as your internet connection works.

Another important feature is that the user can deactivate the “online” message on your user profile, in order to avoid other users to know whether they are active or not on Whatsapp. It also allows the user to activate or deactivate the double check on the sent and received messages, in order to have more privacy on your Whatsapp group use. Another option available to modify by Whatsapp plus is the “writing” message so that other users are not able to see when we are writing a message to them. These different features make the app more appealing to different users who search for personalized chats. The app also lets the user add a password to the app so that anytime the app opens the password must be entered.


It is important to know that in order to understand the many difference between one and the other.


The best way to know how to use WhatsApp plus is by reading the reviews from other experienced users who have downloaded and tested the app, and who have vital information to share with other interested audience. The best way to prevent scams or privacy leaks is by avoiding the use of any illegal software and apps.