How to create whatsapp group?

Some people question the worth of WhatsApp as a resource for business communication. Some have even reached the point of using stronger criticism for WhatsApp and its role in the communication industry.

They point to the issue of not being able to prevent a party from being added to a particular group without being given a choice.

Groups of people with similar interestAs of August 2015, WhatsApp was one of the largest worldwide messenger apps. However, many entrepreneurs are finding it an indispensable communication tool to grow their businesses. It is true that the number of groups you join many outdistance your ability to function in a particular group. Smaller businesses have discovered that they get more responses from WhatsApp than many other communication websites.

Here is simple 5 step guide of how to open whatsapp group

Practically all software applications for instant messaging are similar. WhatsApp lets allows the creation of a group to contact many people at a time.

  • You create one of your groups in WhatsApp by very simply going to the Chats window and logging into the “New Group” selection. You are then able to increase your group to 256 contacts but only if they are in the contact list on your phone.
  • You then select the WhatsApp button to open the application. If the WhatsApp application isn’t on your phone, it is available for download on iPhone at no cost. In the event you can’t find WhatsApp on your iPhone, simply enter “WhatsApp” in your Search bar where it will be seen in your תפריט.
  • You then select the “Chats” button to reveal your chatting history. This is found in the bar at the bottom of the screen. In the event this opens the last chat you participated in, you are required to select the “Chats” button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to see the Chats תפריט.
  • You then choose the “New Group” option. This is normally found in the upper right-hand corner of the תפריט. WhatsApp requires at least one chat in your chat history in order to create a group. If this is your first time using WhatsApp, all you have to do is send a one- or two-word note to anyone on your contact list to activate this selection.
  • Once you’ve established at least one contact in a particular group, simply select a particular contact and add them to your group. A group can be as large as 265 contacts. A contact’s icon and group name can be found at the top of the screen when you add a contact. It is also possible to locate particular contacts in the Search bar in the WhatsApp screen. Remember, you cannot add members to your group unless they are in your contact list on your phone.

After we have opened your group, we want to reach the right people, it can be done easily by posting your wgatsapp group here.

Now, within a short time the group will be filled with people –  you should know how to manage the group on the best way for keeping a quality and growing community.

Characteristics of successful whatsapp groups

Users must always remember that whatever you write is going to end up on someone’s device. For this reason, you must exercise some caution as to what you write about a particular topic.

Why are you setting up a group? It could be for a limited duration, such as invitations to a wedding, or just an outlet to share common information about family or social matters like a diary or newsletter. Care should be used in choosing which contacts would be interested in what you have to impart. Some group members may feel a certain obligation to become a member of your group and join your whatsapp group simply to appease your sensibilities. These contacts may just observe the information presented in the group without taking any action to become a contributing member.

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Much of these misunderstandings can be avoided by sending an invitation to potential group members to see if they would like to participate in it. You can send an invitation to just a few family and friends or larger groups such as potential customers and other businesses. This will effectively narrow down your group to a particular focus point eliminating those who don’t respond to your invitation. Once a group member accepts your invitation you will find there is no reason to include others in future group communications. WhatsApp identifies those contacts who have read your message by turning their contact information blue. Once you’ve identified who you want in the group, resist the temptation to continue to send messages to those who have not responded to your invitation.

It is important for you to develop simple guidelines for communication among group members. Try not to repeat information to those indicated to have received a particular message. While you may send a followup to those indicated not to have read your initial invitation, just send them a simple reminder and leave it at that. Not everyone you send invitations to will want to be included in your group. You should respect their decision and not pester them with messages chiding them to join your group. It is a good idea to send these guidelines to your group members when you set up the group to avoid confusion about the messaging protocol. You can send the same guideline information to newer members to set the parameters for what your group will and won’t do.

You should arrange your schedule to be on call to respond to messages sent to you for a great deal of the day seven days a week.

Clearly detail your schedule and when you or a member of your staff will be available to respond to the messages sent by your group members. This will eliminate a backup of unanswered messages during the time you’re away from WhatsApp. Once you set up this schedule, be sure you adhere to it and make the appropriate adjustments to your schedule part of your communication with the group.

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There may be times when a particular group member could be removed by mistake or choose to leave the group. It is a good idea to send these contacts a brief message to see if they left on purpose or by mistake and only include them in your contact list with their permission. This information should then be used by you to make changes in your membership list. This information can also be important when making changes in the functions of the group as times goes on. Many people leave a group if they receive a deluge of information they simply don’t have time to respond to. Set up a regular messaging schedule to avoid unnecessary and redundant communication and respect for the contact’s time.

It is simply impossible to please every group member.

A member may write content not appropriate or outside of the groups purpose. Some may even send messages not appropriate for anyone to read. Send the offending group member a personal message reminding them of the communication guidelines and drop them from the group if the guidelines are not followed.

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You must maintain the order and discipline of your group community

If someone chooses not to participate in the group, respect their privacy. Some contacts may choose not to respond to messages they agree with and voice opinions when a particular message is contrary to their understanding of a particular issue. Others may be on WhatsApp outside of the messaging schedule in the guidelines. Please accept this action and avoid pestering them to communicate with the group. Assume lack of participation may indicate unwanted membership in a group and send them a brief message before dropping them from the whatsapp groups.

As the group leader, it is your responsibility to generate and manage information communicated to the group. Don’t become a silent observer yourself. Make sure you adhere to the communication you established and make no changes unless absolutely necessary. While there may be times you can’t think of something to say, be honest with your group members and invite their participation in group communication.

It is important to select group members in concert with other group members you to want to share information with about a particular issue. Rather than sending a barrage of messages to a group of diverse members, stick to your purpose and communicate only on the issues agreed upon at the inception of the group. Stick to the subject at hand and avoid expressing personal information unrelated to the group’s purpose. There have been instances where a member sends offensive and illegal information to all participants in a group producing immediate action by group members. These offensive and illegal communications should be dealt with immediately and effectively and the offending party dropped from the group.

It is important to use simple common sense when starting or joining a messaging group.

Be sure you develop useful information in line with the original purpose of establishing the whatsapp group. It may be that some users are interested in offshoot topics as a result of certain group communications. These differences may be important enough to set up a new group to address these issues. You should monitor these communications and either set up a new group to meet their needs or refer them to an already established group to address their concerns. Unless your group is made up of family and friends you know personally, you should avoid attempts at humor as some may not find a particular post funny. Stick to the reason you established the group and only respond to messages containing the current group topic without addressing the inference of humor.

As stated above, it is very important you respect the timetable of group members. This will be challenging for group members in different time zones or different regions throughout the world. Be sure you are cognizant of these time differences and try to communicate with them regularly but periodically in their particular time zone or location.

You should be familiar enough with the purpose of your group to avoid spending time on ancillary issues. Many times what a particular group member may say about a particular topic will prompt agreement among group members. Be able to recognize a shift in interests of group members and modify the guidelines of your group accordingly. It is possible some concerns expressed by certain group members are simply far outside the sphere of your group’s goals. This would be a good time to refer them to another group or encourage the establishment of a different group started by that member.

You should avoid the development of chain letters.

Don’t require group members to forward a particular message to other whatsapp group members. You are the leader of the group and you should act accordingly. You should communicate with each group member according to your group’s guidelines and be sure to include all group members in topical conversations. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are easy to detect and will quickly sour a contact’s participation in the group when these methods of communication are present.

Make sure you take the time to review and edit your messages before you send them. If you are a business sending out a message to other businesses, be sure it’s something they have expressed an interest in staying within the established guidelines of your group.