How To Generate Join Links For A WhatsApp Group

While almost a decade back, Orkut had made the buzz. It was soon replaced by Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, Facebook. WhatsApp brought something to the table that Facebook lacked. You see, our Facebook accounts are often flooded with so many people that we hardly know, unlike, WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp groups have become popular among people because they help keeping you in a close space with your loved ones. This is the essence of WhatsApp groups. It’s not unknown that these groups are widely used, usually by a group of people, to stay updated with various topics, such as the lives of celebs, news of gadgets and more. These groups are the new buzz, and if you use the app yourself, chances of you being part of groups are almost a hundred percent.

A few months back, when WhatsApp’s UI was updated by its developers, they added a new option which allowed people to generate links for their groups which any person can use to join the group.

It is easy to add members/contacts to the group but it is not possible to add unknown people to the group. For this, you can generate links for your groups, which you can share in forums or other places, to get other people with similar interests to join. This will not only allow you to get more people in your group who can contribute to its development, but also help you and your group members meet new people.

To generate a link, you need to be the admin. Below are the steps which you need to follow to do so.


  • Opening group info


You can do this by opening the group and tapping on its group name title, OR, by selecting the group, opening the options תפריט and tapping on group info.


  • Adding participants


Scroll down and tap on the add participant option once you are in the group info section.


  • Generating the link for your group


Select “Invite to group via link” to generate the link.


  • Sharing the link with others


You can share this link with other people via copying, or through social media.

Revoking a link – Sometimes, your whatsapp group link might get shared with other people who may misuse it. In this case, you can revoke the link from step 3. A new link will be generated after that, which you can share again.

That’s actually all that you need to do to generate your WhatsApp group’s link. Do post your comments in the comment section below.