WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app with a user base of more than a billion, is simply the most beloved and preferred messaging application in many countries, such as Brazil, India, France, United Kingdom and more.

With its features such as groups, broadcasts, ticks, reply, mention and others, it’s an easy to use app which can make life easy for many. It is not only due to the fact that it allows people to get in touch with their loved ones in a seamless manner, but also because it can help teams coordinate efficiently through effective and participative communication.

WhatsApp has only gotten better since its acquisition by Facebook, back in 2014 and as the current numbers suggest, it will keep getting better, although, there’s room for improvement.

While official developers take their time to make changes to the app, update it and add more features (as their changes are global and affect a lot of people), there are always other unofficial developers, constantly trying to add more functionality and practicality to apps.

WhatsApp Plus is one such attempt by a developer, to add some more much requested and required features to the app.

WhatsApp Plus runs on any android device running version 4.0 of android (or higher) and contains all the standard features of WhatsApp, along with some extra (and very useful) hidden features.

Features of WhatsApp Plus that set it apart

  • Searching group participants – One of the most annoying and irritating shortcomings of WhatsApp, is the fact that you can not search a participant of the group directly. You need to manually scroll down and check who is in the group and who is not. In WhatsApp Plus, you can simply search the group participants.


  • Increase video limit in status – In the original app, you can only post a 30 seconds video in your status. This, at times, leads us to not posting one at all, or posting the video in parts, both of which can be frustrating. In WhatsApp Plus, the limit has been increased and thus, you can post videos of longer duration, in your status.


  • Preventing others from deleting their messages – One of the newest features of WhatsApp, allows you to delete a message that you have sent to someone (it can only be deleted in a certain time window). While it can prove to be a very useful feature at times, it’s not so much of a treat when others send messages to you and delete them before you’ve even read them. Using the “anti-revoke messages” mod, you can prevent others from deleting the messages that they have sent to you.


  • Scheduling of messages – Want to remind someone to take your dog for an evening walk but you realize that they’ll forget by 4:00 in the evening, if you message them right now, in the morning? This kind of situations can be avoided by scheduling messages, to be sent to people at a certain time.
  • Status clipboard – With the status clipboard, you can copy anyone’s status directly, without having to take clunky screenshots, or using any third-party apps.


  • Status limit increased – Want to say something to the world but the limit is stopping you from doing so? The status characters limit has been increased by the developer in WhatsApp Plus to 255 characters, allowing you to express more and more.


  • Sharing high-quality images – One of the biggest problems in sharing photos in WhatsApp, is the loss of quality. To reduce the uploading and downloading times, WhatsApp reduces the photo quality (which reduces the size) but this can be troublesome at times. With WhatsApp Plus, you can share high quality images.


  • Appearance customization – While WhatsApp’s green UI is soothing to the eyes and very user-friendly, and the wallpaper option does allow customization, both of these things can get boring very soon, and they actually do. Now, with WhatsApp Plus, you can customize the app not only from its in-built features, but also with third-party apps, providing robust customization features.


  • DND option – Conversations and chats are fun but not always. At times, you just want peace of mind (without going offline or switching your phone), and at these times, the constant flooding of WhatsApp messages, can be bothersome. This is why the Do Not Disturb, or DND option has been added to WhatsApp Plus, which blocks all incoming and outgoing messages.


  • Hiding second ticks – Although, WhatsApp does provide the user the ability to hide blue ticks (preventing others from knowing if you have seen the message), it doesn’t allow you to hide double ticks (which show if the message has been received on your phone). Due to this, at times, you can’t really ignore a person, even if required. To prevent this, WhatsApp Plus has a feature with which you can hide second ticks as well, preventing others from knowing if you have received the message.


  • Backup of chats – WhatsApp has the feature through which you can backup all of your data (chats and media) to the cloud, which you can recover later, using the same number that you’d backed it up with. This is quite useful but not so much if you have a slow internet. With WhatsApp Plus, you can backup of all of your history and chats, which will make sure that you don’t have to go through the registration, to get your data, in case you reinstall WhatsApp.

That is all that we have for now. We cannot say that WhatsApp isn’t good enough, due to the fact that it has become an essential part of our daily life, but WhatsApp Plus mod is not a nice addon, but also a nice experience.

We highly recommend using this if you are an advanced user who always wants more from his applications, and tools. The app can be easily found online and the setup is as easy as it can be.