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How to begin?

Introduction to WhatsApp

At the moment, the WhatsApp has become part of the daily life of many. You are with constant communication with friends today and yesterday. And its difference from Twitter and Facebook is that you only follow the one you know, unlike other communication sites. You don’t know most of them and some of them are in distant countries and many of them use fictitious names. But in the WhatsApp the one who is there is known and his phone number is there. The WhatsApp revealing what you do not know about the thinking, inclinations and thoughts of friends and relatives by means of several messages that you have not known about them for decades.

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Everyone is aware of that WhatsApp may be a great tool for electronic communication friends but what you probably did not understand is that WhatsApp is used as campaign tool to get selling leads. The App is free and it will function a powerful selling channel with the potential of obtaining shoppers for your business over anything.

WhatsApp Groups

The groups feature in the WhatsApp is a feature that has made it easy for users to send large numbers of messages, and media to friends in one place, also it made the social communication easier between them, by bringing together the persons with the same interest, or working in one area, to exchange views and ideas, and experiences in a smooth and interesting way.

How to create WhatsApp Group

Open the WattsApp, and then press the three vertical points at the top left of the screen. We have a range of options, so we choose from the drop-down תפריט “new group” option. We now begin selecting the participants we want to add to the group, knowing that we can add two hundred and fifty-six participants to each group, and then press the green arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Specify the name and image of the group by the purpose of its creation, where it can be a group of personal chats, an educational group, a marketing group, or a business. Enter the group’s settings by pressing the three vertical points at the top left of the page, where a set of options you can select the option that you want, and then press the command. You can assign more than one administrator to the group by pressing the Subscriber name, and then pressing the admin Assignment command. You can also send data, files, pictures, audio recordings, and visual in the group, so that all Subscribers can receive, but you cannot make a voice call, or a video call within them. We can erase the content of the chat in the group by pressing the settings option, then the more option, then clear the chat content, and then press the OK command. The group name, the image can be modified by pressing the pen icon next to the display image, moving to the gallery, choosing the picture that we want to modify, and then compressing the OK command.

How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link or Join Link?

We create new Whatsapp groups and we need lot of members then we Create Whatsapp Groups Invite Links list or Join Link as follows:

  • Step A: Open Whatsapp and Group then click Group Name.
  • Step B: We click the + ICON on Right Top of the Phone.
  • Step C: Here we click the Invite to Group via Link option.
  • Step D: Here we Copy the join link.
  • Step E: Go to other group and paste the link here.

The feature appeared to enable users (probably moderators) to make a invite link to the desired group  then share it via alternative apps, print it as a QR code, or write it to associate NFC tag. that will so open up WhatsApp teams to an additional public audience, It Started to work on WhatsApp’s latest beta version two.16.102. It might even be available for previous versions too, however we’ve not tested it there.  the issue of invitations to teams, WhatsApp invitations can seem like this: This can be a pretend invite link, simply to demonstrate the feature. Go ahead, click it if you would like to check it for yourself. It’s going to attempt to verify the invite then fail. If you are doing get an operating invite link though, you will see the name of the requested group, the signaling/ name of the one that created it (depending on whether or not they are in your address book), and also the variety of participants.

Using WhatApp Group Join Link in Business

how to join business whatsapp group? join here

Now we will talk in general how you can use WhatsApp in business and why people now prefer to use it.

Group Targeting:

WhatsApp permits marketers to try and do wide rang targeting and conjointly permits the creation of teams in keeping with similar interests and begin discussions with users of the targeted groups. This helps targeting shoppers with similar interests and demands. It conjointly will increase the prospect of going wider due to the sharing of content by participants of the interest group amongst their contacts.


WhatsApp permits marketers to run innovative campaigns. You’ll raise your recipients to share their pictures your merchandise and services or sitting ahead of your signboard or store. Reciprocally you’ll provide them numerous coupons through WhatsApp. This permits you to grow your information through relevant contacts and increase your business reach.

WhatsApp for client support:

Because of its wider reach, WhatsApp can even be a really useful tool for client support. Your client could like contacting you over WhatsApp rather than vocation your support numbers or writing emails. You’ll solve client issues or give product or service data and recommendation through this medium.

Since an outsized range of individuals use WhatsApp often, it’s easier for marketers to approach their prospective shoppers. WhatsApp is turning into an inexpensive mass communication tool that may be employed by little businesses creatively and innovatively.

The on top of options modify little marketers to push their business with nice ease although WhatsApp. These options square measure advanced selling tools for promoting any business.

Local businesses and WhatsApp

A business or company that has its services in a very specific geographic area is termed a neighborhood business. The term native business is additionally wont to outline a franchise in a very specific region. If you’re running your business in a very native space, contemplate adding WhatsApp to your on-line selling toolset to spice up your campaign performance and profits.

WhatsApp could be a great tool to send huge text messages, video and audio clips with none value. And it works with each smartphone platform such mechanical man, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and BlackBerry etc.

Local businesses might advertise their WhatsApp range and tell their audience that they will purchase via WhatsApp. Share pictures of your merchandise or services in a very WhatsApp cluster of potential customers. Native marketers may send their geographical location to their customers, in order that customers will visit the shop anytime.

Here square measure some reasons why you ought to embrace WhatsApp selling in your advertising strategy –

Advertise your products:

WhatsApp is that the new thanks to send SMS among your family and friends. However you’ll conjointly use it as associate degree advertising tool. You’ll promote your merchandise to either a WhatsApp Joined Groups or individual users. This selling tool is that the best thanks to establish matched communication together with your customers.

But remember, to not send messages to everyone and make certain you target those customers World Health Organization square measure in your contact list, as a result of individuals hate messages from unknown people/companies.

Low cost:

Local marketers and businesses will send text, images, audio and video messages freed from value. WhatsApp solely consumes web knowledge to send messages. Throughout the primary year WhatsApp is totally free for all users, as well as businesses, however once the primary year is over each user has to pay a smallest annual subscription fee of $0.99 each year. therefore there are not any hidden charges, and it’s abundant more cost effective than different on-line advertising channels.

Distinctive communication:

Most users detest human action trough teams, as they receive notifications every time members send messages. However this doesn’t mean that you just cannot use WhatsApp for causing promotional messages, banners and videos to individual users. Personal messages can assist you in building a powerful relationship together with your customers.

Instant reply:

Local businesses and marketers will raise their client to produce them feedback via the WhatsApp electronic communication feature. Partitioning their problems relating to your creation and services diligently and in a very timely and customized approach can build up their trust.

Why select WhatsApp for your promoting Campaign?

The App is nearly free!

You can send great amount of messages with no limits. It’s on the market for all smartphone platforms together withiPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry, and Symbian. Everyone seems to be targeted it as a result ofyou do not have to head to a web site to fill in details or ensure your identity to use it. It simply desires your mobile variety and you’re done!

Better options than ancient SMS/MMS

WhatsApp supports many various message varieties, from straightforward text to photos to audio files. typically a MMS message would price a good little bit of cash to send, therefore the indisputable fact that these will be sent to as many purchasers and prospects as you wish without charge is nice.

You can conjointly send GPS location of your stores! Product videos, Product pictures and audio messages (a short personal message from your CEO may be sent to multiple purchasers and prospects at one go!) this glorious App supports simply everything. You’ll be able to begin your own WhatsApp Promoting Circle and may invite your purchasers and prospects to be inside the circle, otherwise you may produce an indoor promoting Circle which is able to assist you keep connected along with your campaign peers 24/7.

So WhatsApp as a campaign tool will perform everything a standard e-mail or SMS campaign may do. To prime it all Whatsapp is near our heart, all of us cannot take our hands off our phones due to this App. thus any message communicated through this medium has the immediate and most reaching.

How to find WhatsApp Group to Join Link online?

As individual you can search in google for WhatsApp groups links online and you will find too much links for available join links and you can choose the groups that match your interests and you can also search for the Top WhatsApp groups to join links to know what the trend in social life every day is. You will find too many WhatsApp Group lists during your search or you may ask your friend to provide lists of the invite join links they have for the groups that match your interest.

WhatsApp Usage

As we mentioned that there two main ways to use WhatsApp groups and it depends on the user if he will chose the social usage of the groups like Family groups, work groups, friends groups ….etc, these kind of groups the individual discuss all the things related to the society of the group so if he is in the family group most of the discussion will be related to the family matters but if you check his work group may be you will find it more serious than the family group and if you check his friends group you will find more hilarious full of jokes and hangout discussions, so the individuals can join their societies by joining the WhatsApp group through getting the link or let the admin of the group add them.

The second way is the business groups some individuals like to join these groups to always hear the offers or to follow the news of the brands they love.

So at the end as individual which types of groups will you prefer?